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2D/3D Analytics Software for Mapping and Inspection

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Yuneec PhotoMesh Plus

Mapping and Inspection Software

Mapping, measurements, or digital twin modeling delivering actionable data for your business

or service anywhere, anytime.

H520E + Skylines’s PhotoMeshTM and TerraExplorerTM 2D/3D

Analytics Software


PhotoMeshTM automatically converts the H520E or H520E-RTK oblique and nadir images to high- resolution, textured, 3Dmesh models (3DML), True-Orthophotos (with no building lean)


TerraExplorerTM Plus for editing and analyzing geo-referenced projects from 3D terrain, 3D mesh, Lidar, BIM, raster and feature databases

Digital Twin with Measurements

Digital Surface Models, Digital Terrain Models and Photogrammetric Point Clouds

High Quality

Stunning 3DML output with Edge detection/extraction for sharp/crisp images

Superior Precision

Color registration of mesh for more consistently vibrant images Incorporate LiDAR Data to enhance under vegetation, alleys, and thin features.

Specifically designed for the YUNEEC H520E/RTK E90X camera to produce the highest precision

Maximun Interoperability

Supports Wide Range of Formats

Imports and exports to industry standard file formats to allow model enhancements.

Outputs: 3DML, 3D Tiles, SLPK/I3S, OSGB, OBJ, DAE, Orthophoto, DSM, DTM, and Colorized LAS

PhotoMesh Plus, and PhotoMesh GX1000 Plus Comparison

YUNEEC PhotoMesh Plus YUNEEC PhotoMesh GX1000 Plus
License Single computer license Multiple CPU license for scaling large projects & fast processing
Projects 1 Concurrent Project 3 Concurrent Projects
Image Processing Unlimited Processing and/or images 1,000 GigaPixels (about 45,000 images)
Fees Annual recurring payment One time fee, then credit purchase model

Software and Hardware Requirements

Operating System Windows® 8 / 10 Windows® Server 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 – 64-bit required
System Memory 16 GB RAM (32 GB recommended) [1]
Video Card 1 GB of video memory (2 GB or more recommended). Pixel and vertex shader v3.0.
Processor 4 cores (8 cores recommended) [2]
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Additional Software .Net Framework 4.6.1 required

[1] Note that RAM requirements are mostly affected by the number of photos in the AT tile and the reconstruction tile size.

[2] PhotoMesh works best in a multi-core environment and can utilize multiple CPU’s and hyper-threaded processors. In the latest PhotoMesh performance tests, using a single computer, 16 GB RAM, and 8 cores, output was between 10-15 gigapixels/day, depending on the machine and resource availability. This relates to standard input data, with default PhotoMesh settings, and can vary significantly with different PhotoMesh settings and datasets.

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